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Sweet friends, hi!

I am writing to you on a foggy Sunday to land in your inbox on Monday. To be honest, I just feel like hiding under the blankets today, but I have some obligations... like cleaning the house, cooking, making sure my toddler has fun. The usual.

I am grateful for this tiny moment of writing and thinking that this love letter affords me. Thank you so much for being on the other side of it :)

Here's what's been on my mind lately:

This week I wrote about whether or not it's possible to feel someone else's pain in a really physical sense. You can read that here.

I spent Mother's Day in a beautiful cabin and it was heaven. Also, I can't stop thinking about these portraits of mothers.

I loved this conversation with Mari Andrews about illness and healing and breakups and all of the difficult spaces between. Have you heard it?

These paints are glorious.

Tomorrow, I'm launching a collaboration with Jenny Pennywood, one of my favorite artists! We have an exclusive-to-us color of her new bandana that we're pairing with postcards that I painted from a recent California road trip. STAY TUNED :)

Having kids might be a form of radical hope. Or is it?

Do you want to go "back" to work once society reopens? How many days is the right amount? The Atlantic says 2.

We will be at the West Coast Craft Market at Fort Mason on May 22 from 10am–4pm! I will be there for awkward (masked) conversations. (It'll be my first time back in public in a real way, and I am nervous but excited!)

The Great Lakes Goods is now called the Cosmic Peace Studio and their stuff is as cute as ever.

Currently reading this. What's on your nightstand?

Sending you love for your week, xx,


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